We were appointed to supply and renew both of the main and back-up air compressors, air dryers, line filters and air receiver for a major electronic manufacturing company which operated 24/7/365 days.

The main challenge was to replace the air receiver whilst keeping the compressed air system live at all times and without the customer losing any production. A sudden loss of air pressure would cost this customer 10’s of thousands of pounds. We overcame this by installing a temporary, 50 mm flexible hose from the back-up compressor outlet to the inlet side of an air dryer, switched to by-pass, installed after the air receiver.

This allowed us to run the factory on the back-up compressor, through the dryer to maintain air quality, and renew the old air receiver without losing any air pressure or any loss of production for our customer. We are pleased to be able to supply and renew air compressors.

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